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Align Your Teeth with Invisalign

Straight teeth and a bright smile make a huge difference on the way people tend to think of you. Dental clinics in Ottawa are capable of providing their patients with a new technology called Invisalign which is the newest technology available on the market for straightening teeth. Replacing the old, traditional metal braces, this new technology makes it comfortable and more attractive to straighten your teeth.

In order for dentists to be allowed to install and use Invisalign on patients, they must first go through thorough training programs. This teaches them the proper way to install and maintain the teeth straighteners. This new type of dental product is slowly becoming the standard since the old metal braces are extremely uncomfortable, expensive and complex to install. Invisalign is an invisible teeth aligner which makes it more enjoyable to wear in public or even around the house.

Invisalign is not a single mouthpiece which constantly needs to be adjusted; it is actually a set of mouthpieces which are used progressively. Dental clinics in Ottawa will begin by determining how crooked your teeth are to begin with and then they will assign a starting point. You will then wear the Invisalign product for roughly 2 weeks before needing to upgrade to the next mouthpiece in the series. In order to get the best results, it is recommended to use this product for 9 to 18 months.

Every time you move up to the next Invisalign mouthpiece in the series, you will have a small movement in your teeth. Although some small discomfort may be experienced when moving up to the next mouthpiece in the series, you will experience much less pain than when using traditional metal braces. Dental clinics in Ottawa will normally require you to have monthly visits in order to check for progress and how much longer you will need to use the product.

When wearing the Invisalign mouthpiece you will have to keep it in your mouth at all times except when you must eat, drink and brush your teeth. This breakthrough technology not only adds extra comfort, but you will also benefit from looking great since the product is see through; this allows your entire teeth surface to show through. This allows you to smile with pride without ever having to hide your smile while taking pictures.

The ability to remove the Invisalign products makes it much more convenient than metal braces since you won’t have to worry about getting food stuck in them. Metal braces on the other hand are constantly accumulating food, making it a hassle to clean.

The several benefits such as convenience, comfort, attractive smile while using it and more make Invisalign a leading brand in the teeth aligning industry. Whether you want to correct your smile as an adult or even if you want your teenager to correct their teeth placement while they are still young, this is definitely the best choice. For quality Invisalign services you can visit Capital Dentistry clinics in Ottawa since they are open to new patients at all times.

Alexandra Blair is the author of this article on Align Your Teeth with Invisalign

. Find more information about Invisalign here.

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