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Apart of something bigger and better: five Dental Clinics in Ottawa are the first of its kind to provide immaculate service and innovation

Capital dentistry is a family of five dental clinics in Ottawa that is an easy channel to find a dentist in Ottawa that suits your needs. Capital Dentistry is committed to providing dentists in Ottawa ownership and increased business development and expansion. This buying group, is not the typical definition of a buying group, it allows you to be apart of a growing family of dentists in Ottawa that are dedicated to providing friendly service and impeccable dental care in the Ottawa region.

Both founders of Capital Dentistry, Dr. BahramMostaghaci and Dr. Mark McCullough are both practicing dentists in the Ottawa region. The dentists in Ottawa that are apart of Capital Dentistry are Marchwood Dental, Palladium Dental, Orleans Dental, Holland Cross Dental and Centre de Santé Dentaire. These are all dentists in Ottawa that are apart of the Capital Dentistry family and that is designed to transition dental practices to new ownership. This means that the operation will be seamless, your dental clinic in Ottawa will maintain harmony

A buying group is essentially is the coming together of similar independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive better pricing and terms on the products they buy. The struggles and obstacles of an independent business can be overwhelming and a lot to take in for one person. This is why Capital Dentistry welcomes you into a family of dentists in Ottawa that will help your practice offer the most innovative and top products available on the market. Capital Dentistry offers well-runand a simplified approach to dental clinics in Ottawa.

Being apart of Capital Dentistry there is an exhaustive list of advantages, one of them being that your practice can become more cost effective and manageable. This means that you can provide your patients with the technology and further advancements that you wouldn’t be able to offer them prior to joining. The advantages are endless for joining a buying group such as Capital Dentistry that includes financial and non-financial reasons. Some of the financial reasons are as follows, improved pricing, more efficient invoice and payment processing, unique product offerings and professional marketing. The non-financial side of things is just as plentiful, with reasons such as a business forum to discuss solutions to common problems, centralized negotiating and business partners for a lifetime.

Deciding to sell your business and can be a huge step and decision however, the team at Capital Dentistry is here to make it a smooth transition and as easy as possible for business owners and their staff. Capital Dentistry will pursue your business and help you to grow beyond the horizons while taking the pressure and stress off your shoulders of owning your business. When you have an independent business, everything falls on your shoulders, and that can be quite cumbersome and a lot to deal with, being apart of Capital Dentistry you can have some of the weight lifted off your shoulders so that you can further develop your business and better your practice. Become a member of Capital Dentistry, a team of impressive and pristine individuals who make up the best dental clinics in Ottawa.

Alexandra Blair is the author of this article on Apart of something bigger and better: five Dental Clinics in Ottawa are the first of its kind to provide immaculate service and innovation. Find more information about Dental Clinics in Ottawa here.

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